Pickwick tea 100 bags


Pickwick Ceylon  teaPickwick Ceylon tea
This fragrant tea blend is composed of teas from Sri Lanka, supplemented with light spicy teas from other major countries of origin. The result is an aromatic, lightly colored, refined tea for a moment of refreshment.




altPickwick Earl Grey Tea
This characteristic tea blend consists of soft, slightly spicy teas. The aroma of bergamot and lemon gives a refreshing flavor. UTZ certified packaging ensure that tea is grown and harvested in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.


altPickwick English Tea
This rich tea mixture is composed of teas grown in the best producing countries of tea. This gives the mixture of character and balanced taste.



altPickwick Green tea
Pickwick Green tea has a distinctive, original, bright color. Enjoy this natural refreshing blend of premium green tea accented with real lemon fresh, mild flavor


altPickwick Rooibos tea
Pickwick Rooibos tea is a wonderful blend of rooibos with cinnamon, slightly sweet with a deep dark red color and full round taste, ideal for a moment of tranquility.