Douwe Egberts Cafitesse 110




Cafitesse 100 series
The Cafitesse 100 series includes two dispenser types and is the perfect choice for locations where the demand of coffee varies throughout the day and where black coffee is heavily requested.  






C-110 brewer pours up to 840 cups per hour of one coffee blend and is the perfect choice for hotel lobbies, waiting rooms and any front-of-the-house locations where the demand for coffee varies throughout the day.



Choice options

2 direct selection buttons for coffee (cup or pot) and a separate outlet for hot water


Coffee: 1 pack coffee or tea


160-240 cups / hour

Storage conditions

Coffee; 6 weeks in the cooling of the machine

Energy Label / Power Usage

230 V

Weight empty

20 Kg

Dimensions (HxWxD)

645 x 210 x 455 mm

Boiler size

6.5 litres

Peak capacity

Up to 1440 cups (125 cc) per hour using a preboiler